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Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Hot Buys released!

Hello Fashionistas! Firstly, I apologise for not posting this week. But I have FINALLY finished my exams I've been doing the past two weeks (Thank God)! If anyone here did theirs, I hope you did the best you could!
But now I don't need to go to school till January so, I'll be posting. ;]

So, 3 HB's have come out since my last HB post, (Ignore the second image of the top).
What do you think of them? Will you/have you bought any?

If you've got any of these HB (apart from 2nd) on your dolls amazing outfit, post in replies.
I'd love to see them, and I'll edit them into this post. =D

-Have a nice day!
And enjoy your holidays!


  1. the new hotbuys these season are quite very expensive. I don't know if i should buy them anymore. I like it but not really the colour of them. i like the hb party dress :)

  2. Uuu I like that pink coat but way to expensive.

  3. The only think I dont like is the shoes... :( they other are really nice!

  4. Yes. the prices are very high. And I LOVE the coat. And I would buy the dress also. I would probably buy the boots if I had spare money to spend before it disappears. =]

  5. The prices are beyond high .
    I think this is one of the most expensive
    hotbuys collection EVER.
    I love the coat , it's one of my favorites .
    But i don't think i will spend 2Osd on just a coat .

  6. they are so cute! ive them already. ;))