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Monday, December 13, 2010

Winter Glam

Winter is here!! the atmosphere is very cheerful right when the Christmas is approaching, but during the end of January you feel that its overly long and just want to skip to summer!! :p
Do you feel too stuffed up in your jacket? and want to show off that great combination of glam you put together?

Here are two examples of what I call "Winter Glam"
Faux fur is having a major moment right now, you can save lives :) and cash at the same time and yet look "Super Glam!!"
Details are also a BIG deal when looking Glam. Try to "glamify" with tights and sparkly jewelery for a striking party ensemble.

Who is more "Winter Glam"??
Vote in comments.

PS** If you're wearing the latest Fashion Trend right now, leave your username in a comment :)


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  1. Oo looks great. =]
    And I think lamujerdejudas is.

  2. OMG...i love this looks but i prefer Iamujerdejudas1

  3. lamujerdejudas1, I loved her outfit! But I also like NINKA6468! They both look really good :D
    May I make a sugestion? I think this looks too much like TTT, maybe you could try to add something different :/ (I hope I'm not offending you)

  4. I vote 4 lamujerdejudas1, & think that her outfit is much closer 4 winter & I like it.

  5. Jessica/Jay.Pattinson//

    Thats Fine, I love critiques, you learn from them. ;)
    I was thinking the same too, though its quite obvious that it may seem that way, eventhough they're different in many ways. But if you guys have any suggestion you could leave them in a comment. Plus its my first post soo.. hehe


  6. yea lamujerdejudas1 looks for like shes in wintere glam :) in australia its summer so its hot hot, currently 29degrees

  7. yeah i prefer lamujerdejudas , she a bit more winter glam for me :D
    i really like how she added a little more to her outfit , which made it
    more glamrous and stood out a bit more than the other one .
    but overall i liked both of their outfits :D

  8. lamujerdejudas is the best. I love everything about the look!!

  9. I'm glad you took it so well (:
    I do have an idea, but I don't know if it would make such a difference. You could choose and active follower of the blog, or just a follower and make the "confrontation" between those 2 followers, or between a follower of this blog and someone else from stardoll.
    I hope I helped a bit (:

  10. lamujerdejudas i think also. it looks more a winter outfit.