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Thursday, December 23, 2010

New HB Gown

The new Hot Buys Dress is out! To be honest,it's one of my favourites of this month!

The dress costs 18 Stardollars [Really cheap for such an amazing dress] and it's only available for Superstars! I really like the flower blossoms on the dress.

Will you buy the dress ?

xxx supperstarvanni


  1. Its cute, but it would of been better if the bottom part is a different colour. Its cheap then i expected :)

  2. Well umm.. I don't like it, maybe if there's no flowers.

  3. I actually like it .
    There's something odd that makes it nice (:
    i love it .. but i would never buy it .
    Maybe just too look at it xD

  4. It's glamorous. =] I don't think I would buy it.

  5. Its kinda cool.. I bought it but to sell it :P