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Saturday, December 18, 2010

stardoll rocked last night in Sweden!

its a link to posh24 where they talk about that day,

Posh24 was of course the guests of honor in the fashion communityStardoll invited to the party in Brunogallerian in Stockholm. It washeaven for bloggers as young Chloe Schuterman to hot TyraSjöstedt and everyone was dressed to impress!

On stage, we could see EMD occur but it was the hot rising starSala who excelled as the voice!

Although we like champagne better than beer, we want to thankStardoll for a wonderful evening and the fantastic goodie bag thatwe played with for hours afterward. In summary, the hat of theworld's largest fashion community Stardoll.com!

some pics from the event in sweden with stardoll!
Stardoll rockade igår kväll!
EMD- we have the dolls in stardoll!
Adam Pettersson, Mi Märale & Evelyn Nordstöm
Adam Pettersson, Mi Märale & Evelyn Nordstöm

Anna-Karin Wiking, Vanita Bergman & Dennis Maglic
Anna-Karin Wiking, Vanita Bergman & Dennis Maglic

Tito Frez & Martin
Tito Frez & Martin

Nya stjärnbloggaren Chloe Schuterman
Chloe Schuterman

Stardolls charmiga VD Mattias Miksche och Linda Skugge
Dolls charming CEO Mattias Miksche and Linda Skugge ( they work for stardoll )

Sandra Silfuer & Marielle Ivarsson
Girls- Sandra Silfuer & Marielle Ivarsson

Tyra Sjöstedt
Tyra sjöstedt

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