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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday calender - gifts

Hey everyone!
I know i havent wrote in a long time because....Excuses lol mostly cause of school and of the exams and the usual...
We'll because it's the holidays stardoll made the calender as you know but i wanted to talk more of the stuff we get.
What we get are pretty good this year more for non ss wich is pretty good.
I think its way better than last year since this calender is made more for non ss.
What we got today is an owl and a white dress wich is pretty but sadly for ss.

What do you think?
Happy holidays! ;)


  1. I'm very disappointed the clothes is nothing special & since its New Year & Christmas I though that there will be more free stuff, God do we have to pay 4 everything.

  2. I don't understand how am I suposed to use the dress they gave.
    They could have made it normal :s

  3. there quite veryy cheap and the clothes are alright but there a bit plain :/ I love the first gift we got, and it then i thought its gonna get better each day but i turned out going "uglier".

  4. i am not getting most of the things..dont like them so much. do like the owl though.

  5. i loved the owl !
    but i was too late grr !
    the dress ... is a lamp .