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Monday, December 13, 2010


Today when i log i had a letter from Callie Stardoll, on this letter you can read that things are going to change on Stardesign Interior items. We also will receive a dress that you can see on the picture. I haven't yet receive the dress yet and i notice the changes on my suite when i try to move someting. I think we will strange a bit on the begining but we will get used how we did when Stadoll did the big makeover to the site. So tell us what you think about the new changes.


  1. The new changes are much better I think, because now there is more control over it, as before you could accidentally click the wrong thing but it's more easy to do now. =] But it will take some getting used to.

    And I got the dress on my meadowsweet account already. It comes in a gift box from stardoll admin. It's pretty nice. =]

  2. I got the dress. I didn't like the fact that when they did the changes it wrecked my whole suite.

  3. i have to log on to stardoll , to see the new changes !
    but i bet it will be great .. everyone just has to get use to it .
    & i really want the dress >;D i hope i get it :O

  4. i didnt get anything yet and my suite was messedup :/ i dont like all these new changes

  5. i did not get the dress :( but i did get the changes. i guess we will get used to it.