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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Oh so glam look - For New Year's Eve!

Hello Guys!!
2011 is coming so I decided to present you the perfect look to wear in New Year's Eve !
Remember that "more" is the best for this night! You must be the best ...*
My favourite colors when it comes for Xmas and New year is black and gold! So classy colors in my opinion!
SO here's the look:

Do you like it?
Which are ur favourite Festive colors???
xoxo, sa...gataki


  1. Awsome look! :D
    I love black and gold togheter :b

  2. I like it .
    It looks very nice , and glam (:

    Black and gold are my fav. feestive colors !

  3. U did a very good job, I love that lip color.

  4. heehehee i agree black and gold is the best colour for a
    special occasion like this :D
    I luv wat your waering and your makeup :) 5/5

  5. It reminds me of a song. The black and gold combination s perfect. =]