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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Free Headphone (SS Only)

A new day and a new door to open on the holiday calender.

Today is 23th and you'll find..... A Free Headphone and a Top! The headphone is only for Superstar and it's free. The top costs 2 Stardollars!

Click HERE ! and open the 23rd Door!

Wil you buy something of them ?

xxx supperstarvanni


  1. the blouse might be but i dont buy anything.

  2. I brought them all, but dont think I'll ever where it :/

  3. haha @Tammyv23 me too :/ I'll get it because they're free, but it's not my style really !

  4. i was too late to get it . But i like it (:
    you can use it for some cute outfits .
    & the purple blouse is cute tooo .

  5. I like them both! I love the colour of purple on the top.