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Monday, December 20, 2010

New sunnybunny level & Kloz

There is a new sunnybunny level in starplaza!
It is the 5th one out. =D
What do you think of them?
Will you be buying anything?

I think it's cute, once again. =D

Have a nice day! ^-^

Edit; And there is also a new Kloz store.

What do you think of the new collection?
And have you/will you be buying anything?
Thank you Chloe for the reminder.

And now again, have a lovely day! ^-^


  1. there's also a new kloz floor :) I love sunny bunny - the clothes are really nice and relitively inexpensive xD ♥

  2. there all so cutee, and the prices are xheape then it looks, i love the stuff there so muchh :)

  3. @Chloe, I edited the post. Thank you for reminding me. =D

    And yes I agree they're cute and the prices aren't too much, and I'm glad they have non-ss stuff. Stardoll has been generous to non-ss recently. =D

  4. Dresses are soo ugly but new SunnyBunny is cute.

  5. i love SunnyBunny ~ Cheap and cute (:
    Kloz is just horrible .