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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Holiday Gift....:(

Ok so Tommorrow is 1/1/11 wich is COOL,
and i wanted to say HAPPY NEW YEARS!
Ok so today is the last holiday gift wich is sad.
So todays gift is:


  1. I'm very disappointed, the dress is ugly & yet we have to pay it 2SD I mean c'mon its New Year.

  2. What a disappointement! Omg, stardoll is amazing. I mean, there were waaaaay better gifts earlyer in the calendar, and has a last gift, they give us this? Uau, unbealiveble -.-
    Last year we had stardollars and this year we have a crappy dress

  3. When i open it i was shock that stardoll didnt have a good gift for the last day of the year :|. Serioulsly stardoll, give us something better next year. And that dress does not worth 2sd :(

  4. Why do they call them gifts when they're not free? Next year - more free things and NICER. Gee, the only really nice thing was the trench coat :/ At least give us free things on new year's eve.. I was really dissapointed at the calendar. Yeah, Why didn't we get stardollars for christmas? I think stardoll was a bit uncharitable this year. Bah Humbug...

  5. I didn't buy it. I think it looks alright though. I think it should have been free. Happy new year to everyone though! =]

  6. I bought it but I expected more in the Christmas & New Year's Week