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Friday, December 31, 2010

Perfect New Year's evening oufit :)

Hiiii my little mooonsters (yeah Lady Gaga inspiried me)!

So here it is! New Year's eve when everybody wanna be something special. That's why I made that amazing oufit. I use Stardoll's clothes and make-up but it's useful in real life too. Well, as you know I'm from Slovenia, and we will celebrate New Year in 10 hours. (Now is 2 p.m.). Buuut in some countries is now 1st January. So.. HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!

About oufit

I use long black dress with gold details. I think it's very pretty and fashionable. Colour is good too because black is always ''in''. It's also not too long and too tight. Make up is traditional, I just use some more glitters because it's new year. Shoes are from PPQ with very hiiigh heels. Anyway I just love it. What about you?

What about your real oufit ?

Where ill you be on New Year's eve ?

Tell us in comments!

btw. Sorry for no banner. I'm making new one!


  1. Your doll looks stunning! :D
    And happy new year to you too (:

  2. Its awesome maybe if you had chosen other hair it would be much better, just my opinion.
    Happy New Year everybody!

  3. Happy Late New Year, I was on holidays in Sydneyy but im bak noww :)

    I luv the colour black and gold they look stunning together :)

  4. It's simple, stunning and not over done.