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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Stardoll Tips

Hello everybody!! as many of us know there is many tips on stardoll to have free things...ect but this time i want that all the readers here learn about simple tips who can help them to : have starpoints,play and earn save mony and also some tips to safe your medoll from hack. So here is my tips!!
Starpoints tip
The starpoints tip is the very celeb tip so i decided to start with it!! is so simple cause reason to learn starpoints is be active on stardoll.Playing your Play And Earn daily earn you 10 starpoints by day,but the maximum starpoints earned by day is 12 sp so here is some tips that i do to have all my 12 starpoints:

*I always vote for each medoll i visit
*I try to sign every 10 guestbooks by day
*I always do changes in my presentation
*I always make a senery ( i deleted after )
*I always make changes on my album
*I always save a new look for my medoll in album
*Ialways do a new look for my medoll in beauty parlor
*I always save my suite
Save your Play and Earn mony (superstars only)
This tips isn't very celeb on stardoll and to do it is very easy by :

* Installing Googl Chrome
*Going to your Starblog
*Uploading a photo from computer( should be playing the play and earn and it costs 2sd)
*deletin the photo
By this way you can save play and earn mony cause when you pay 2SD from Play and Earn you recieve your mony back and in save mony :)
Safe your medoll from hack
This a very Helpful tip cause many peoples can have back there medolls by going anto the steps:
*Saveyour medoll ID that you find it in "My account"
By this way you can heve your medoll by sending the ID member to stardoll official email adress : support@stardoll.com
*Save a copy of each payage you do on stardoll
This is a definitly working tip cause the payge recipt is a great proof to stardoll to have your medoll
and if mabe you get hacked you should send those two to stardoll and be sure that your medoll will be back to you :)
Hope i have help all the readers here!! i want that my first post b interesting!!
With my love...xoxo hanae785


  1. Great tips. =]
    I do the starpointing every day if I remember. =D

  2. It was very helpful tipss!! I do that everyday :)

  3. Thank you :) i didn't know about the saving money thing...

  4. oh, thank you ;)) that was very interesting article ;))

  5. thanks so much you help me alot of for save starpoint!!!