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Friday, December 31, 2010

Gold beauty/ this week make up!

Hello everyone and happy new year!
BTW before I start, I want to thank my dear friend miladyfashion for this gorgeous banner she made me!
I did make up inspired by gold beauty, I hope u like it. 1. I used mascara long and short.
2. Then I put some black eyeliner but not everywhere.
3. To make some effect, I put white and black eyepencil.
5. I put the white eyepencil first and put it on the corners of the eye, and then black on the rest.
6. I used black eyeshadow and did like I was doing smokey eyes.
7. I found my gold eyeshadow from sephora, if u don't have it u can find some color that looks almost like this one, I think I saw one in Luxe but it has a sparkle but it might work.
8. I wanted to do something unusual with the lips, so I did like chinise geisha lips or something close to that.
9. I used gold lipstick from Luxe and a little lipgloss over the lipstick.
10. You can also put some honey gold blush or something, I was gonna do it but I forgot.
11. You can do what ever u want for accessories!
-Kisses SDZ;** I hope u like it!


  1. First i would like to say Happy New Year
    to everyone ! & That i love your banner ! x
    & That i love this tutorial , it's very pretty.
    Great for the new year (;

  2. love the makeup! happy new year everyone
    oh and i just wanted to ask..does anyone kno why mant__* isnt on stardoll anymore? idk im just wondering if anyone knos...

  3. I love the makeup, great job with lips.
    Happy New Year everybody!

  4. WOWWWW I like it!!! I will try it but with purple maybee :) and i think manta deleted her account cause i search it up and its not there :(

  5. Awesome. I love the colours and blend. =D