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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Suite photography

I just saw this today, that now you can take photos in your suite!
Under where it says "save in album" on the right side, under it you see a camera (as shown in the picture below). Just click that camera, and it comes up that you can take photos!
I think it's great. You can take a picture of some of your beautiful rooms as a memory incase you are to re-do/re-make one of them!
Have you taken any photos?


  1. The best thing stardoll has given in a while :)

  2. Agreeed! I like i alot and i took a few image of my suite and dol :)

  3. haha yeah :) Anyone else noticed the overload of parties sine Party Planner was announced? there were like 1000 yesterday...

  4. i love this idea so much !
    One of stardoll's best ideas , so far .