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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hot designs: By Melody1970

So.. I was looking around designers, and I came accross Melody1970
She has been 3rd place in hottest designs but is not on the Hot designers list, so I thought I should post aout her, just incase you hadn't heard of her before.

So what do you think of her designs?
Would you buy any? =D

Have a nice day! =D


  1. wow, some people are just too talented xD

  2. They are nice :) i was 5th on the Hottest design list though not on the designers list aether.

  3. Wow this is amazing, it even looks like real shop in plaza.

  4. Her designs are amazing !
    it takes some real talent to makes those designs.

  5. Uau, she has awsome designs! I think I'll buy something! :D

  6. aww there nice :) I might check her out now :).
    @44nicole44 congratss on the hottest design :)