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Monday, December 6, 2010

LE pendants

Hi everyone

Everybody that bought any piece of any LE
collection get one LE pendant for one piece
of LE (=more pieces, more pendants).
Well they're cute .. but maybe it would
be better if would they give one LE pendant for
every LE collection (like if you have bought few pieces
then you would get one le pendant xd). It would be more useful.
Anyway I still like them :)



  1. Well I didn't bought any peace from LE so guess I won't get LE pendants.

  2. And I got one on my sunnysugar account. (:

  3. I always forget new LE so I can't buy it because limited -.-

  4. I bought some LE and I didn't get any pendants.

  5. i brought it and i got the pedant!!! Its alright but i like the background of it :) XD :D so happpppppppppy. but i got 1 and i broight a couple :/

  6. aww .. i dont have even just 1 dollar .. tsk i want this !! huhuhu

  7. I saw the pendants and they look really cute. :D Unfortuntaley, I didn't buy anything from the last few collections so I didn't get them...

  8. Oh ! got so many of them!! heh :)

  9. i'm so mad !
    haha . i wished i got one .
    only if i just bought some LE . haha :O
    oh well .. a lot of people are selling them !