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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New store: Whip my hair & New LUXE make-up

I checked my mail, and got these ads. You should have them too!
There is a new store in starplaza called Whip my hair. No doubt inspired by Willow Smiths song.
Click HERE to see the music video on youtube.
Anyways, what do you think of the new store?
Will you be buying anything? =D

And also in the message was this!
There is now also a new LUXE collection to buy at starplaza.
Unfortunately the (most) old LUXE make-up is no longer there.
It's expensive once again.
What do you think of the new colours?
Do you like the LUXE collection?
Will you be buying anything?

Have a sweet day. =D


  1. I don't like the hair at all, but new make-up awesome!

  2. I don't like the store and the make up is so overpriced.. Guess I'll be buying none of it...

  3. I dont like the store cause the stuff in there seems weird but some of the new luxe colour are verry nicee best with shading cause the colour are dark :) I like the luxe! guess i'll be buying some :D

  4. hmm the luxe its to expensive. ;/ thats so shame

  5. the new store is too weird for my taste .
    i just like the paint splatter. & LUXE is honestly to expensive for me .