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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yeah you read correctly! It's either amazingly good/bad? or... is it a glitch?
I heard from a club I regularly go to Fashionista.2 that non-ss can buy things from starbazaar.
So... I went on another account which had a bit of money on it which is non-ss, and,
woah, I bought something from starbazaar?!
I can see this as quite an unfair advantage. What are your opinions of this change?
I just figured this out, so like yee, am I late? Well to those who didn't know, now you do.

& Also, in other news about starbazaar, apparently superstars can only sell up to 10 items per 24 hour. What do you think of this change too?

The image is real.
(Thank you SweetPandas for posting a topic about it. x])


  1. I hate it , yet love it .
    I love the fact that now non superstars
    with more than 5OO sp can finally buy something
    from starbazaar . It also can give more stardollars .. to yourselves if you have any extra accounts.

    But now ... non superstars can steal rares .. when you're trading etc . Before you only use to worry about a superstar who "accidently" buys it .. but they can always sell it back to you . NON SUPERSTARS CAN'T . They steal .. they keep it . :P

  2. YESS i agree with tropicsweeti!!!! ss pays for it and ns gets it for free. i dont see anypoint anymoree! and 10item a day. that suckss! why are all thes changes happeing all toghether.

    Hopefully this is a glitch. sorry ns ppl thats just my thought

  3. I think it is great that everyone gets to buy, more money, & I agree with both ^ when you see it that way

  4. Yeah finally something great 4 non-SS.

  5. I think it's a bit weird as some of the stuff was SS only to start with. I'm really happy non-ss' can now buy whatever they want though and it's good as non-SS can now buy designs :)
    Also, I don't like the rule about only 10 hours every 24 hrs, because that's how most SS make their money, having paid for the priveledge :/

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  7. I think it's amazing that Stardoll FINALLY came back thinking about the non-SS users. This was the greatest new for us in a loong time!
    And @Chloe , Stardoll has changed the 10 items limit.You can sell ilimited StarDesigns made by you, the 10 items limits is now only for the rest. ;)

  8. I love it!! finally I can buy from starbazar!! And non ss should to complain cuz you are paying for a service

  9. awee, thank you :) I just got a message from them about it, but Gabyzoka, thank you for telling mee ♥
    I'm really happy though, because everything was for SS a while back - that's why I changed, maybe I don't have to renew my membership now?

  10. that was horrible. ;/ but now its better. ;))