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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Cheat !

Hey Guys ! I have new cheat for you !

For the shoes, socks, skirt, short and jumpers :

-Log in to stardoll.
-You will go to the Xbox website, but just leave the website and go back to your suite.
-Then, gift are in a bag in your suite.

For the Tee and the band :

-Go to proxysmart.info.
-Paste www.stardoll.com in the blank URL box.
-Log in with the proxy.
-Leave the proxy and go back to your suite.
-The gifts are in your suite!

For the boots :

-Go to proxyuk.org
-Paste Stardoll.com in the URL blank.
-Click on "Enter the competition".
-Close the proxy & go back to your suite.
- The gift is there !

For the Miss Sixty's tee and rumper :

-Go to meuproxy.com.br
-Past Stardoll.com in the URL box.
-Click "ir" and log in the proxy's stardoll.
-And gist are there, on the right of your closet !

lil' Houshka , xoxo.


  1. There are no cheats.There are only free stuff ;D

  2. Thanks :D
    i got them all before though . x
    but thannks again for the tip !

  3. thankss but i'll past... im scared im gonna get a virus again :S. I rather just buy it for 2sd :D

  4. I got the miss sixty`s clothes !! I loved it thanks